K20 R&E Networks & State/National STEM Education Transformation
Moderator: Stephanie Couch, CENIC and CA STEM Innovation Network
Speakers: Jan Morrison, TIES and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation • Louis Fox, Internet2 • Kemi Jona, Northwestern University

The need to increase STEM literacy for all students and to increase the number of students pursuing STEM college and career pathways is an issue of statewide and national importance. K20 research and education networks such as CENIC's CalREN network, Internet2 and NLR can play significant roles in efforts to scale and sustain innovative STEM programs to support teaching/learning. This panel will discuss the statewide and national efforts underway in STEM, examples of ways Internet 2 and its members are supporting STEM innovation, and will feature iLabs as one example of the cyberinfrastructure that can be leveraged across high bandwidth research and education networks to support next generation teaching methods.

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