Testbed for Tactical Networking and International Collaboration in Maritime Interdiction Operations
Dr. Alex Bordetsky, NPS

Beginning in 2002, a team of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) researchers together with sponsors from USSOCOM, and later joined by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Programs, started a new interagency experimentation campaign, which is now collectively known as Tactical Network Topology (TNT) Experiments. In the core of TNT high-value target and Maritime Interdiction Operation (MIO) experimentation is a unique testbed, which enables sustainability and evolution of the TNT experimentation campaign. It is based on the plug-and-play tactical-on-the-move sensor-unmanned systems networking capabilities combined with global reachback to the remote expert/command sites and augmented by rapid integration of applied research services.

The TNT testbed multi-layered architecture of information and social networking provides a unique platform for the collective learning of achieving synergy between man and machine through ubiquitous networking and collaboration. The TNT experimentation process with USSOCOM, upon which this presentation is based, is focused on both technologies associated with networking and the human aspects of networked forms of organization.

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