Why Green Networking
Debbie Montano, Juniper Networks

Rising energy costs and increasingly rigid environmental standards work in tandem to draw attention to the energy footprint aspect of data networking. Governments and corporations around the world are tightening energy and emission budgets, thus creating demand for new, energy-aware generations of telecom equipment. In response, vendors are starting to label their offerings as green and environment-friendly. But one important detail about this theme is often missing: verifiable data to support these green marketing claims.
Energy consumption for communications equipment is not a simple metric; it depends on many parameters, most prominently technology, performance, and applications. This mix of parameters makes it challenging to estimate the actual energy efficiency of network equipment.
This presentation will define an efficiency metric that supports informed decisions related to network equipment energy consumption and will discuss how these new criteria are used to define the best energy practices and the practical aspects of energy efficiency for the networking industry.

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