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Here are some tips to help ensure your talk will be well received by our audience:

  • Highlight elements that are tangible to the audience, e.g., present a case study.
  • Identify anomalies or counter-intuitive (interesting) aspects of your work.
  • Educate in your area of expertise (so the audience can learn something).
  • Motivate action (so the audience goes out and does something as a result of the talk).
  • Entertain (so the audience stays in the room).
  • Present points to embellish with your discussion; don't read your slides (the audience can do that).
  • Describe the ways in which cyberinfrastructure contributes to your efforts.
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Slide Format Guidelines:

  • Company logos should only appear on the first and last slides of your talk. Full-page logos on cover slides are discouraged.
  • Presenters/authors may retain copyright of their material, granting CENIC a perpetual license at no cost to archive and redistribute the material. Unobtrusive copyright notices may be on any or all slides of the presentation.
  • Conference attendees frequently point out that some slides are hard to read from the back of the hotel ballroom, where the General Session is held. To be legible, slides should use as least 28-point fonts (larger for titles). One easy-to-remember approach: print your slides, spread them on the floor, then stand on a desk to look at them. If you can read them, the font sizes are large enough. Don't fall off your desk while doing this!

Using Highly Technical Examples

We recognize that detailed technical examples can be a useful, and sometimes necessary, means of conveying information. In order to provide the maximum benefit to the largest number of conference attendees, we encourage speakers to tailor such examples so in depth knowledge of syntax or methods is either not required, or can be briefly imparted in an earlier part of the presentation. CENIC includes a broad base of attendees from academic, research, and governmental organizations.

Guidelines for Sponsor Presentations

Platinum and Titanium Level sponsors enjoy as one of the benefits of their sponsorship at these levels the opportunity to give a breakfast presentation in the dining area to conference attendees. Sponsors and their representatives are encouraged to pitch these presentations at a technical level rather than a sales level, as this is of greatest interest to the CENIC community. Concentrate on the novel ways in which your technology can or is enabling the sorts of network innovations that CalREN makes possible rather than "selling" the audience on your product or company.

More Presentation Tips

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