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On Monday afternoon, March 8, the conference shifts venues to the campus of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), ending the day with an on-campus reception hosted by our Titanium Sponsor Cisco in the evening.

Presentations will include:

  • A plenary address by Dr. Karl van Bibber, Vice-President and Dean of Research at NPS,
  • A showcase of projects by the Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES) Institute,
  • A live CineGrid 4K presentation with NPS and CineGrid partners, showcasing 4K video from the CineGrid Exchange
  • Presentations featuring advanced visualization technologies and research, and
  • Student-powered poster sessions during the reception.

Conference attendees are asked to plan on walking to the campus from the hotel. Transportation will be provided as needed upon request.

Due to security requirements, all visitors to the NPS campus must be listed on an event attendee roster and must present photo identification (e.g., a valid Driver's License) at the entrance gate.

Your name on the attendee roster must exactly match your name as it appears on your photo identification. Do not use nicknames unless they match your photo identification exactly. Make sure upper and lower case letters match.

In order to assist CENIC in complying with NPS regulations, please use the form below to participate in the NPS portion of the program. We appreciate the gracious offer by NPS to host our visit to the campus and thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions about valid forms of identification, please contact CENIC at cenic10-info@cenic.org or Cassandra Patrizio at (714) 220-3471.

First Name:

Middle Name or Initial: (if applicable)

Last Name:


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