[FULL SPEED AHEAD: CENIC's 2010 Annual Conference]

[FULL SPEED AHEAD: Keynote Speakers]

CENIC is delighted to announce the Keynote Speakers for FULL SPEED AHEAD , its 2010 annual conference to be held in March 2010 in Monterey, CA. In addition to three days of top-notch programming relating to advanced networks for research and education, and a visit to the campus of the Naval Postgraduate School, attendees will enjoy Keynote Addresses by Steve Midgley, Education Director at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington.

Steve Midgley is the Education Director at the FCC, heading the education section of the National Broadband Plan. Prior to his work at the FCC, he was the principal of Mixrun, a technology consulting firm. Mixrun projects include working with the California Department of Education on a project called Brokers of Expertise, which uses on-line and real world systems to share and build the expertise of educators. Steve previously served as a Program Manager for the Stupski Foundation designing and implementing grants for data and technology in K-12 education. He was also the founding Vice President of Engineering and Software Architect for LoopNet Inc., now a publicly traded commercial real estate technology company.

Ed Lazowska's research and teaching concern the design, implementation, and analysis of high performance computing and communication systems. Lazowska is a member of the Microsoft Research Technical Advisory Board, and serves as a board member or technical advisor to a number of high-tech companies and venture firms. He co-chaired the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee from 2003-05, and chairs the Computing Community Consortium, an effort sponsored by the National Science Foundation to engage the computing research community in envisioning more audacious research challenges. He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, ACM, IEEE, and AAAS.

In addition to these Keynote Speakers, FULL SPEED AHEAD attendees who choose to visit the NPS campus will also enjoy a Plenary Address by the Vice President and Dean of Research in the Department of Physics at NPS, Karl van Bibber. Before joining NPS, Dr. van Bibber worked with many of the most prestigious research institutions, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Stanford University as an Assistant Professor of Physics, and later Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as Chief Scientist.

Further updates are in the works, so be sure to visit the FULL SPEED AHEAD website and subscribe to the conference RSS Feed for more information on the conference program and other activities.


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