[FULL SPEED AHEAD: CENIC's 2010 Annual Conference]

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FULL SPEED AHEAD can be reached by contacting CENIC at cenic10-info@cenic.org or Cassandra Patrizio at (714) 220-3471.

Presentation proposals may be sent to cenic10-proposals@lists.cenic.org. Our conference website can be found at cenic2010.cenic.org.

Conference and other CENIC news and announcements can be obtained by subscribing to the cenic-announce mailing list. You may learn more about this list and subscribe here. You may also subscribe to the RSS Feed for this conference for updates and announcements.


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[2010 Innovations in Networking Awards Announced]

Learn more about this year's winners of the annual awards for Innovations in Networking here!

[FULL SPEED AHEAD Keynote Speakers]

FCC's Steve Midgley and UW's Ed Lazowska -- Learn more!

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